Today is Monday, the day before the release of a book you asked me to share in writing. As I think about the many women who may pick it up to learn, grow, and understand, I pray that you would reveal to each one your perfect will for our lives. Show each of us how we are to apply the principles we garner from the pages into the unique situation in which we live. Help us to know what is means to be a Kingdom Woman and then grant us your strength to walk out the day to day realities of your calling. I pray that the words that came by pen or keyboard will launch with your blessing and make a mark on each woman who reads. Hear my prayer.

You know my name. You see me and you care. You know where I’ve been and where I’m going. You are always present, always moving, and always ready to hear me when I call.

I am a woman — created and fashioned by you and born into this world for a purpose.  You have blessed me with breath to sustain me, a body to carry me, and a spirit within me.

And you have asked me to do my best with this life that you’ve given me to live.

You have created me with purpose.

Help me to value my life.  Help me to hope for the best. Help me to walk in excellence and exhibit the same commitment in my own life that you did in yours.

You have given me your power.

Never let me forget that anything I do – any action I take – should only be made as I walk in dependent faith on you. Never let me forget that it is only when I rely on you that I can experience your strength and power. Don’t let me go too long without talking to you and hearing from you.  If I do, please whisper a reminder in my ear. When I struggle, bring to my memory all of the times that praying to you has brought me a solution or brought me sweet peace.

You have provided me with endless possibilities…

You have asked me to shine for you wherever I live, move, or in any place I have the opportunity to grace. And I desire to be a light for you.  I desire to take your joy and love everywhere I go. Friends. Husband. Co-workers. Children. Parents. Neighbors. Let them all see  how your love continues to change me for the better and let them want more of you because of the work you are doing in me. Never let me stop wholeheartedly pursuing you, or running in hot pursuit of the possibilities you have earmarked just for me.

And all of this because I love you… because you first loved me.

You showed me what it looks like to live with focus and purpose.  You showed me what it was like to possess great power that comes from confident faith in Father God. You showed me what it looks like to break barriers, challenge tradition, and love hard. You taught me that anything is possible when a person lives a life that is yielded to the Master.

Lord help me to be a Kingdom Woman – a woman who can show the world what it looks like when a heart is freely given to you.

And sweet Jesus, thank you in advance for the love that you offer when I don’t quite hit the mark.