What gifts do you have to offer the world? So many women either tell me they aren’t sure what their unique giftings are, or they tell me that they know what they are, but they can’t seem to figure out how to put them to use. This podcast will spur you on to not only explore the gifts you have but also to be intentional about looking for ways to use those gifts in service of others. A major part of God’s calling on your life is that you put your unique abilities, interests, and personality to good use. And this is no small matter, in part because there has never been, nor will there ever be, someone just like you. That’s one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty. It is your responsibility to nurture the gift that you are to this world (you may be tempted to laugh, but don’t: God sees you that way). If you fail to pursue your gifts, the world will have lost a unique light that it will never be able to see again.

Jennifer Fulwiler, the podcast guest for the show, is a woman who is constantly on the go. She lives an incredibly full life: not only is she married with six kids but she also authors books, does stand-up comedy and hosts her own Sirius XM show. Jennifer grew up in the middle of the Bible belt but was raised as an atheist. She was so adamant about her beliefs that she loved to argue against the existence of God with the Christians in her hometown. It was only later in life when she was blessed with her first child that she began to change her mind. She was overwhelmed with a love so intense that she knew it had to originate from a source. In this way,  Jennifer’s entry into motherhood marked the beginning of her journey in finding God and discovering the life-giving faith that she lives out today.

About a year ago, Jennifer stumbled into comedy. She noticed that her natural gift for making others laugh could help people who were struggling or suffering by taking them out of themselves and relieving the burden they carried, even if only for a moment. At the same time, Jennifer also noticed that there weren’t people like her in the world of professional comedy. When she watched comedy shows on Netflix, the comedians’ sense of humor wasn’t relatable to her as a Christ-follower. Sometimes these comedians were overtly insulting to people of faith, but more often the problem was that most of their jokes were crude, heavily focused on hookup culture or filled to the brim with F-bombs. In light of all that, Jennifer saw that there was a clear need for her gift. She decided to do a tour to help people reconnect with hope through laughter while enjoying a night out. In this unexpected way, a whole new career was born.

Using her life as an example, Jennifer and I talk about what it looks like to follow your passion and be creative in using your gifts to fulfill needs that aren’t being met by anyone else. Personally, Jennifer has seen how powerful this can be: in pursuing her unique gifts, she has learned what it is to bring joy to the lives of women across the world and, in doing so, help them carry their crosses.

Highlights from Today’s Episode:

  • Appreciating the spiritual power of comedy
  • Identifying your gifts
  • Praying for the right friends (your “sister circle”!)
  • Choosing to be fearless

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  1. What can you try today that will get you closer to discovering your gifts?
  2. Do you have a sister circle? If not, where is one place you already go that you can start looking for new friends? Watch this episode on friendship with Tammy Franklin and her sister circle.
  3. In what specific ways is God asking you to step out and be fearless?

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