How can you be happy when you aren’t honest about the fact that you’re hurting?

Ouch… that one stings.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve not taken the time to pay attention to what my emotions are telling me about my heart or a place in my heart that needed healing.

In this third segment of the series on happiness, fighting the “funk”, and healing the heart, I tackle the importance of honesty, authenticity, and truth with your self. And once again, I have the privilege or looking at the topic with a friend.


How often do we move too fast, do too much, or stay too busy to pay attention to the way we really feel or the pain that has impacted us? Do you ever feel the tears coming and fight them back, determined not to lose your cool? Or maybe you’ve found yourself crying, despite your efforts to control them, but didn’t know why?

As I share in She’s Still There, while it’s true that emotions shouldn’t govern us, they do, in fact, guide us to pay attention to the parts of our souls that may need some TLC.

On this podcast, I’m joined by Melinda Bowens who shares practical steps to moving towards your happy even when you hurt.

Melinda is a college professor and also a licensed marriage and family therapist. But even those who counsel others have to learn how to deal with trauma and work through difficult emotions themselves.

Melinda shares how she learned to care for her own heart after not giving herself adequate room to grieve her father’s passing. A naturally positive and upbeat person, she didn’t realize that she needed to own her feelings and to be honest about how her loss effected her. Because Melinda has walked the road of not giving herself space to heal, she knows exactly how to help someone else who needs to do just that.

What I love about today’s conversation is the number of “ah-hah” moments I had personally in hearing Melinda share her experiences.  I have a new found understanding of the importance of knowing your “why”, taking your thoughts captive, and deciding to do “one thing”. Even with Melinda’s natural disposition, she’s had her share of difficult moments and she has learned how to take care of the girl in her during seasons where that girl was hurting.

Don’t we all need to learn how to do just that?

Today I encourage you to listen however and whenever you can, but don’t be too far from a pen and paper. You are bound to have some “ah-hah” moments yourself and may want to be ready to write down some take-aways that shed light into the corners of your own life. You will also be challenged to make different decisions that will lead to increase your own level of happiness and joy.


Highlight from Today’s Episode:

  • What happens when we don’t take time to heal
  • The importance of allowing yourself to feel
  • How to know if you need professional help for your “funk”
  • Releasing yourself from the superwoman syndrome

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Let’s Talk!

After you’ve listened to the podcast, I’d love to continue the conversation. Be sure and leave a comment!

  1. Do you struggle with allowing yourself to feel?
  2. Is there a life situation for which you haven’t taken the time to heal?
  3. What practical decision can you make today to take one step forward?


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