The New Year is approaching and this is the time where most of us set new goals. Our motivations are high and our dreams seem to be at arms reach.

But too often, around February or March those goals transition to one-day-I-mights. We lose motivation and our dreams appear to be nothing more than just… dreams.

On today’s podcast, I’m talking with my friend Kat Lee. I admire Kat because she is naturally good at maintaining focus. Well it looks natural to me. Truth is, I know that Kat has worked on living a focused life and loves to help others live in a focused way too.

I know because she has helped me!

But she hasn’t just helped me.  She helps lots of people.

Kat is the founder of Hello Mornings. She has a heart to help women build a daily habit of meeting with Jesus — not just in January but throughout this marathon called “life”.

Most of the time, we don’t make it past January in our Bible reading plan, our workout plan or any other plan because we refuse to start small, we try to sprint our way towards our goals and by February we’re exhausted, defeated and worn out.

Through her ministry, Kat is helping women build habits that can help them live with focus — particularly in the areas of spending time with God, planning their day, and taking care of their bodies.

On today’s podcast, we talk about the importance of slowing down, living intentionally, starting small and not trying to sprint a marathon.

Can I encourage you to start small in 2017?

We are on the cusp of the new year.  Whatever it is that you want to achieve, think small. Do small.  And just keep doing it.

And if you are struggling with consistency in your time with God. Let me encourage you to give Him three minutes — just three minutes. One day at a time. If it doesn’t sound like enough, remember He is enough. And He can take your short pauses and give them lasting purpose.

For more encouragement, listen to today’s podcast.

Let’s Talk!

  • Are you spending moments with Jesus? If so, how does that look for you?
  • Why do we find it so hard to start small?
  • Have a question you’d like for me to answer on a future podcast? Share your question with me HERE.

Highlights for Today’s Episode:

  • Making room for moments with Jesus
  • Building for the long term
  • The importance of living intentionally

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