Faith & Fun Friday – Mercy

Faith & Fun Friday – Mercy

Last year, I met a local running group early in the morning.

As usual, I was one of the slower ones in the group.

Well actually… I was THE slowest one.

A sweet lady named Linnette made it her business to run with me even though I moved a little slower than her pace.

We got in six miles.

I totally would have understood if she would have decided to leave me… after all it was her morning run too.

I’m sure she was trying to max out her own workout and get in her own miles at her own pace..

But she stuck with me.

Not only that, but she helped distract me from the struggle of my own run by pleasantly chit-chatting here and there during our time together.

Blessed are the merciful...

Small acts of kindness.

Small mercies.

Small gifts of grace.

I can’t say that I’ve always done the same.

I tend to be


…in a rush

…moving too fast


…and I’m ashamed.

I’m reminded of Linnette’s small kindness to me and I’m also reminded to look around me today to see who could use a little mercy.

Who could use a little of me slowing down to accommodate their pace, their needs, or their need to chat?

Mercy is defined as…

  1. compassion shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to harm.
  2. a blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion
  3. compassionate treatment of those in distress

Linnette had mercy on me.

While we ran together, I had a companion to share a “dark-thirty” run with…

and so did she.

So I’m convicted.

I’m convicted about taking the time to notice others that God places in my path that need a little compassion.

I’m made aware that it is my duty to be on the lookout for people that just need a kind “slowing-down” on my part to go with them at their pace.

I’m reminded that when I show mercy, I can be a blessing to someone else, but I can also receive a blessing.

Who in your circles of influence needs your mercy?

Where is your heart pricked to show purposeful compassion to another person?

How have you been insensitive or impatient when someone else could really use you taking a slower pace to help them along their journey?

What can you do today show another person the mercy that at some point and time has been given to you?

Let’s pray about it.


“Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?” Matthew 18:33 (NIV)

“You’re blessed when you care.
At the moment of being ‘care-full,’ you find yourselves cared for.
Matthew 5:7 (MSG)


It’s a beautiful thing to see women praying for each other.

So here we go…

As always, feel free to pray about A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G

But if you are helped by having a topic to  focus on for prayer…


Again… feel free to pray about anything that concerns you.  But if the topic of “content” resonates with you, pray in that direction.

So how exactly does this work do you ask? Keep scrolling for the details…


and now for the FUN!…


Your comment/prayer will enter you to win a Kingdom Woman T-Shirt!

As usual, I’ll select a winner at random. Simply leave your comment and/or prayer anytime between Friday and Sunday at midnight.  I’ll announce the winner on next week!



So excited about prayer this weekend!

Help spread the word!


If you are new to our prayer on Fridays or need a little refresher here are the details…


1) Post YOUR prayer.
First, scroll to the end of the post to find the section for comments.  Keep scrolling to the end of the comments to find the empty box where you can leave your prayer request. Click “Post Comment”.

2) Pray for someone else.
Then, look above you in the comment thread for the person who posted just before of you.  Hit “reply” and pray for them.  That way we make sure that everyone gets covered!

Please don’t feel insecure about your ability to pray for another sister or feel that her request is above your spiritual “pay grade.” Just pray with your heart.  God hears. He works with the words that we have and then He takes care of the rest.

3) Post your pic!
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  1. Sharee August 15, 2014 at 10:44 am

    Mercy. I am praying for more Mercy, I work in the Mental Health field and I use Mercy a whole lot. Some of my co-workers are not as merciful as I am so I am praying for Mercy for my co-workers, working in this field it is Really a must that you grant Mercy!!
    Also I am praying for my family, I am planning to get married on August 28th and I am praying for my future spouse our Blended Family, Also my oldest daughter has just started College and she’s about an hour and a half away and this is the first time she’s been away from Mommy, also my baby sister was injured back in December, someone put something in her drink and handicapped her so now I’m her Caregiver and she gets so depressed at time and is having a lot of health problems righ now, she’s 22 years old. I know this is a lot to pray for but I Know GOD and I know that Prayer Still works!! Thanks to each of you!!

  2. Yalonda August 15, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Seeing the definition of mercy rocked me to my core. My prayer is that extending mercy will become the norm in my marriage because right now it is not. It makes me sad that every small infraction is a major offense. The spirit of offense has taken over my home and makes it a very sad place to be. Not seeking pity, but sisters who will help call on our Father. I smile when I want to cry because the joy of the Lord is my strength. Blessings to you.

    • Christina August 15, 2014 at 10:19 pm

      Lord I lift up Yolanda and her Husband to you in prayer. Those spirits that have caused division in their home, they are not welcome there and I pray in Jesus name that they be cast out. I pray that your Holy Spirit be ever so present in Yolanda & her Husband, and that a sense of urgency fall upon them before everything is lost. Lord you are the Maker of all things, and there is nothing too hard for you to handle, help Yolanda to remember that and to hold to that truth. I pray that you will renew Yolanda daily, strengthen her daily and give her wisdom in every aspect of her life. In Jesus Name I ask all these things. Amen.

    • Melanie August 15, 2014 at 10:33 pm

      Father, I am asking that you bind this spirit of division, dissension and confusion in the Name of Jesus. Father, we know that the enemy seeks to destroy marriage so we realize that what’s going on is not of You. Lord, I’m asking that you give both Ms. Yalonda and her husband not just a sense of peace, but Your Peace. Lord, let not only your mercy begin to flow through both of them, but let them begin to exhibit Your Love toward one another. Lord allow their hearts to rest in you. Lord, I know all too well what Ms. Yalonda is gojng through and her situation did not catch you by surprise….and Lord I’m pleading for Your Supernatural power to intercede and soften their hearts toward you and toward each other. Father these are your children in need of your help. You said to call upon you in the time of trouble and YOU would answer! So Lord…..we are waiting EXPECTANTLY for you to answer. You never let us down. I pray this prayer, humbled and anticipating your action, in Jesus Name…..Amen!

      Yalonda, I am a living witness that things ARE going to get better…..I’m not to far out of the same storm you’re in. Keep the faith, keep praying and be obedient to whatever the Lord tells you to do. He WILL answer, deliver, and restore BOTH of you. God Bless You Richly!

  3. Christina August 15, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    I can be choosy when it comes to being merciful and compassionate. I have difficulty with learning to love people right where they are. Please pray that God will change my heart and that His Spirit will work in me, so that his glory shines thru the mercy that I show. In Jesus Name.

    • Melanie August 15, 2014 at 10:44 pm

      Lord, I am praying that you touch the heart of my sister Christina. Lord God,let her be reminded of the mercy and grace and love that you lavish on us. Father, let her be reminded that while WE were YET sinners, you sent your Son Jesus. Lord, let not only her, but myself be reminded that we get bogged down and bankrupt when we try to love the “not-so-easy” to live foks in our own strength. Lord, we need Your strength to do it….to love! Lord, give Christina YOUR Strength to show mercy and compassion and love. Give her Your strength to give grace to those who seem most undeserving. Lord, I pray this in Jesus Name. Amen!

      May the Lord be gracious to YOU and make His face shine upon YOU Christina!

  4. Karen Johns August 16, 2014 at 6:30 am

    This really convicted me this morning. I’ve been wrapped up in needing to get MY “stuff” done in the midst of grieving the loss of my Mom, BUT I have seen those around me who I need to be merciful to, in particular, a new coworker. Pray that I do what I can to help her and show he mercy.

    • Michelle Spencer August 16, 2014 at 8:48 am

      Lord, I pray today that you open Karen’s eyes to see what it is that she can do extend mercy to her co-worker. I thank you for allowing her to see that she needs to show mercy, now I just ask that you reveal to her the best way to do this. Lord we know that you extend mercy and compassion to us every second of the day, so I pray that you allow this revelation to be what guides Karen in her decisions and attitude when interacting with her co-worker. I also pray for comfort for Karen as she continues to grieve the loss of her mom. Let her continue to feel your presence and know that you are there in difficult times. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  5. Michelle Spencer August 16, 2014 at 8:38 am

    This topic is so convicting. I really need help in this area. My big brother has made a series of mistakes in his life and now he is seeing the consequences of these mistakes along with his family. Often he calls myself or my mother on the phone to ask for help with things and it is getting harder and harder for me to show mercy towards his situtations. Please pray that I find renewed strength and compassion for him and that I am able to really understand that I am given mercy everyday by my loving Father and that I should be able to extend this same mercy towards others.

  6. Yvette Silver August 16, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Good morning heavenly father. I come before you this morning praying for my sister Michelle. That you grant her peace about extending grace and mercy to her brother. We all have falling at some points in our lives and you have extended mercy to us. I pray that she finds it in her heart not to give up on her brother but to show compassion and love. He is human and he may have made bad choices in the pass but I pray that Michelle can offer him a safe place what ever the circumstances are. I also ask that you give her strength to deal with the situation, that at any point she feels drained from the situation that you hold her up. God allow her to be a great example of love and kindness and tender mercy. I also pray for her mom that you give her the strength she needs as well. No parent wants to see their child hurting or going through. Lord put your loving arms around them and give them all peace that passing their understanding and renew the joy to love each other like Christ loves the church. I pray this in Jesus Name… Amen!

  7. Yvette Silver August 16, 2014 at 11:08 am

    I too struggle with showing mercy. It’s always to the people I am the closest to. Like my husband for example. I talk down to him when I feel like he has done something worthy of common sense. I feel aweful afterwards but it’s hard for me to show mercy to him. I believe that I am growing but I do need prayer in this area. To be more loving and compassionate when it comes to my husband and allow grace just as it has been given to me.

    • Theresa Sweeney August 26, 2014 at 8:18 am

      Father GOD, it is no accident that I read my sister Yvette’s prayer to have mercy and compassion for her husband. Let her understand her position in this marriage, and that loving her husband is loving You, LORD. I am struggling with this as well, and my prayer is that You will give us the strength and ability to love our husbands, despite any misconceptions we may have. I ask in the name of Jesus, that our prayer requests are a sweet fragrance to You. Thanking You in advance for what we know You will do, AMEN…….

      Yvette, you are not alone, and many wives struggle with this issue, but our prayer has been heard by the Master…AMEN!!!!!

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