16 10, 2017

#135 – The Magnificent Grace of God – Part 3

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What do you need to know if you simply aren't growing in grace?  Let me just keep this real for a minute. I need to lose weight.  Seems like I always do.  And it's not for a lack of knowledge [...]

9 10, 2017

#134 – The Magnificent Grace of God – Part 2

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What does it mean to grow in grace? It's the worst when you have a cord to charge your phone and the phone won't charge. Have you ever had that happen?  Then you start the hunt to figure out if [...]

6 10, 2017

#133 – A Chat with Tricia Goyer

By | 2017-10-09T09:54:59+00:00 October 6th, 2017|Faith, Podcast|3 Comments

Today, I chat with Tricia Goyer about what it practically looks like to walk out our faith, one step at a time. Tricia has lived a full life of pain, hardship, rejoicing, and making one choice at a time to [...]

6 10, 2017

#132 – The Magnificent Grace of God – Part 1

By | 2017-10-24T10:49:12+00:00 October 6th, 2017|Faith, Podcast|5 Comments

What is God's grace and how should it affect the way I see my life? That's the question I'm tackling on today's podcast.  Grace is a word that we toss around in Christian circles.  We know that it's important and [...]

25 09, 2017

#131 – A She’s Still There Story with Wynter Pitts

By | 2017-09-25T14:55:35+00:00 September 25th, 2017|Faith, Family, Podcast|4 Comments

She’s Still There moments come in all shapes and sizes. Many of us have major and minor ones. Today, Wynter Pitts shares a a little of both! In this fun and honest episode, I talk with my cousin Wynter about [...]

18 09, 2017

#130 – A She’s Still There Story with Candace Payne

By | 2017-09-18T11:20:24+00:00 September 18th, 2017|Faith, Fun, Podcast|3 Comments

When do you feel like your girl had the most hope and expectation? Stuck in a trailer house, living in poverty, and a college dropout, Candace Payne, famously known as Chewbacca Mom, knows what it means to seemingly move from [...]

11 09, 2017

#129 – A She’s Still There Story with Lisa Harper

By | 2017-09-11T09:05:36+00:00 September 11th, 2017|Faith, Podcast|5 Comments

What do you do when the feelings, emotions and hurts of your childhood refuse to go unaddressed for another minute? What do you do when the thoughts in your head about yourself do not agree with what God says about [...]

4 09, 2017

#128 – A She’s Still There Story with Mandisa

By | 2017-09-04T13:58:45+00:00 September 4th, 2017|Faith, Podcast|15 Comments

On today’s episode, recording artist Mandisa, shares what she calls the hardest, most difficult and dark time of her life. Mandisa creates music that stems from her life experiences.  Her last album, Out of the Dark, released May of 2017 [...]

29 08, 2017

#127 – A She’s Still There Story with Chrystal – Pt 4

By | 2017-08-29T05:55:44+00:00 August 29th, 2017|Faith, Podcast|10 Comments

Me. Comfortable in my own skin? Hmmm... well I can say that somewhere between the rocky road of adolescence and my fabulous forties, I've learned more about myself.  I've learned what it means to appreciate who I am and the [...]

21 08, 2017

#126 – A She’s Still There Story with Chrystal – Pt 3

By | 2017-08-21T11:09:10+00:00 August 21st, 2017|Faith, Podcast|2 Comments

The Hidden Years.  That's what I've come to call the time during life where we feel behind the scenes and as if we are moving slow or not moving forward at all.  It's hard not to feel noticed, to be [...]