#055 – A Chat with Priscilla Shirer

#055 – A Chat with Priscilla Shirer

Join me for a little chat with Priscilla Shirer as we talk about making movies, prayer, and pushing past your fears. After talking with her, I’m over the top about how this film will impact God’s people to accept the challenge for strategic prayer.

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Priscilla is starring in the film, War Room, a film produced by the Kendrick Brothers which debuts  August 28, 2015. She has taken her love of God’s Word and message of abundant Spirit-filled living to the big screen!

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We spent an evening together in our pajamas discussing her experience as an actor and how the making of the movie affected her and challenged her personally. This is an episode you don’t want to miss! It will leave you encouraged, inspired, and motivated to see your life as an adventure!

Some of the greatest gifts in life come from the scary places. - Priscilla Shirer


You can listen to the podcast episode by clicking on the play button at the top of this post.  You can also, check out the movie trailer below if you want to take a quick look at the powerful movie opening on August 28th, 2015.


Today’s episode is overflowing with encouragement, wisdom, and lessons for life:

It’s as you do the very thing you fear that you feel confidence rising and insecurity falling away. - @PriscillaShirer

Why should you put yourself in a position to potentially fail?

How should you determine your career?

Why was Priscilla open to doing the film in the first place?

How do you get over an insecurity?


How do you get over an insecurity? You just do it. - @PriscillaShirer

What strategies do you need to employ in your walk with the Lord?

How can you be more intentional in your prayer life?

What can you do to support Priscilla and the War Room movie release?

And that’s just just the beginning…

Oh my word.   Just listen.  I’m telling you. You’ll be so glad you did!





Highlights from Today’s Episode:

“A Chat with Priscilla Shirer” 

  • The making of “War Room” and why it was such an adventure.
  • How to have a strategic plan for prayer.
  • How to deal with fear and insecurity.


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Let’s Talk!

After you’ve listened to the podcast, I’d love to continue the conversation. Be sure and leave a comment or ask a question!

  • Where are you challenged, after listening to this episode, to live your life like it’s an adventure?
  • How would you rate your prayer life on a scale of 1 to 10.  Would you consider your plan to be a strategic one? What can you do do make it so?
  • Where in your life are you struggling with insecurity or fear? What will you today as a result of listening to this episode?



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  3. […] Last week, I broke my regularly scheduled Monday podcast release (or mostly regularly) and had my sister, Priscilla Shirer over for a chat about making movies, prayer, and pushing past your fears. If you missed that, please make sure you go back and listen. […]

  4. Erica August 5, 2015 at 8:43 am - Reply

    Hi Chrystal! Let me first start by saying God bless you for allowing the Lord to use you through this podcast. You have been a tremendous source of encouragement for me. I look forward to hearing your messages every Monday! It would be a great honor to have you speak to our women here in Chattanooga one day.

    Moving on, I am so excited about War Room! I have suggested that our women’s ministry go see it and follow up with a discussion over dinner. I’m hoping we can then use “Fervent” as our Bible Study.

    I’m also encouraging the women to listen to your interview with Priscilla to learn a little more about both of you and get excited about the movie.

    Thank you again for your service to the Kingdom!


  5. Earline Johnson August 8, 2015 at 10:55 am - Reply

    I really enjoyed the pod cast with Priscilla. My husband and I pre-viwed the movie, The War Room. Priscilla was wonderful in her role, now we know she is an actress also! We think that this movie is the best one yet made by the Kendrick brothers. We live in a small town in south Alabama and War Room is not coming to our theater. We are heart broken. It is showing in Montgomery, which is 46 miles away. We are praying for big numbers on opening week-end and maybe we will be able to get the movie in our town. I have joined Instagram just to join the 28 day challenge to pray. By following you. You are an inspiration and I know God is using you and blessing you. Thank you for all you do for God’s Kingdom.

  6. […] that if he has a bold strategy to overpower me that I should use my fervent prayers as a bold, strategic weapon to overcome and have the victory available through Christ […]

  7. Delina August 29, 2015 at 11:03 am - Reply

    That was a great podcast. I intended to do the dishes while listening, but it took my whole attention. Thank you, ladies.

  8. Liz Curtis Higgs August 29, 2015 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    SO loved this convo with two women I know and love! Great insights about taking leaps of faith as God leads. Beyond proud of both of you and all the ways God is using you in your unique spheres of ministry.

    • Chrystal Hurst August 29, 2015 at 12:13 pm - Reply

      Hi Liz! Thanks for dropping by!

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  10. […] you didn’t catch the podcast with Priscilla Shirer or Dr. Tony Evans, DO IT!  You won’t regret […]

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